Im scared to start dating

Every relationship seeker I have met has a unique set of reasons for why they are still single.

That individual add-up sets the scene for how much dating energy is left to risk.

But we forget that the hardest part of any project is starting it. Hell, I procrastinated for hours before getting pen to paper on this very piece — now that I'm in the thick of it, I can't imagine doing anything else.

Still, certain fears keep us from going on that first date.

But being afraid of a romantic relationship is not something to be ashamed of. Learn how to get beyond this barrier so that you might enjoy a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Many relationship-seekers today feel like the walking wounded.

However, if you're wanting to get into relationships and find yourself stranded with no return, understand that the only way to overcome these feelings are to talk about them. You might think your friends don't care as much as to how you feel.

But if you're ever looking to get into a new relationship with somebody else, you have to foster the courage to talk about these fears.

Though still willing to try again, these still-undefeated warriors have become understandably wary.He was a blind date I had scheduled to meet the day prior. Tall, British and humorous in a dry way, he was perfect — on paper, anyway. But when the fateful day of our first date finally came, I got cold feet, the way a bride-to-be might on her wedding day. Scheduling dates, it turns out, is worlds easier than going on them. That pre-date, scaredy-cat phenomenon is the “The Dating Paradox.”The first date is kind of like taking a test, only mechanical pencils don't determine your fate, your compatibility with a stranger (or lack thereof) does. But what is it about that first date that deters us from dating?My favorite bad date story (favorite because you have to laugh): when a guy gave me a hug hello and said immediately, “Whoa, you’re soooooooo short! Meeting someone new means needing to explain stuff about yourself and your life: whether you love your career or dream of something else, if you’re close with your family, if you’re generally happy with your situation. Somewhere, somehow, there was always this lingering fear that crept on deep inside of me.