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AND a Jew, that is, a Talmudic Jew, Joe Lieberman, will be the arbiter.

A provision of the legislation that will give the Jews ultimate control of the Internet — given their rule over every sphere of US political life — is that which will give the president the power to “authorize emergency measures to protect the nation if a cyber vulnerability is to be exploited.” The language is obviously vague, thanks to the Jewish-intrigues of Lieberman, thus giving the president an “Internet kill switch” that would effectively allow him to turn off the Web (when Jews tell him to) in a so-called emergency.

Some were from poor families who had nothing to negotiate and hence would either not marry or marry whom they pleased.

It was even possible that in times of land shortage, family interference in marriage was less common because they had nothing to bargain with.

The reported that an additional message included a list of Jewish communities in Britain for jihadists to target in their attacks.

This post was accompanied by a photo of Amedy Coulibaly, the Islamist gunman who carried out the Hyper Casher terror attack in Paris, France on January 9, 2015.

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When Callers Call The Free Chat Line, They Are Asked to Record A Brief Message About Themselves.Coulibaly, whose image is often used by ISIS-linked terrorists to hail terror attacks in the name of Islam, killed a French policewoman in a Paris suburb and then murdered four hostages at a kosher supermarket before being shot dead by police.Family and friends played a major role in arranging marriages, especially if land and other wealth accompanied the union.Indeed, earlier this month, Lieberman was prepping the bill that would allow the government to take over in a crisis.Thus, Internet advocacy groups are up in arms that the legislation would give the president the authority to conduct e-surveillance and monitor private networks.