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So you’ve just had a super romantic evening with your main gal and you’re both feeling it … That leaves only one location option for physically expressing your mutual erotic love: the backseat of your car!

Her roommate’s got her book club over and your roommate’s having a drinking party for the big game.

A woman in the back seat appeared "strung out," he told the dispatcher.

The woman, who is described in an incident report as a "known prostitute," was squatting behind the open driver's door when an officer arrived.

The headlights were on and the vehicle was running.

A man who lives in the area called police about p.m.

His neighbors found Miller slumped in the driver's seat of the Mazda.

A pretty Madison Square Garden intern testified yesterday she willingly jumped into an SUV with Stephon Marbury for a quick sex romp.

Kathleen Decker also acknowledged she landed a full-time job with the Knicks soon after - and got a big promotion six weeks ago as the million federal sex harassment suit of fired exec Anucha Browne Sanders approached.

In late 2005, Decker claimed, Browne Sanders summoned her to a "very bizarre" meeting where she aggressively questioned the intern about the tryst.

Decker, who described Browne Sanders as very "judgmental," said the executive nudged her to dish dirt on Marbury and asked why she went to the Westchester strip club in the first place, Decker said.